In Memory of the Emoto teacher


 Conduction nurses Emoto Katsuhakase of the world-famous water in 0:50 of October 17, has passed away. To mourn the sudden passed away, and respectfully represents the condolences.
 On this day, … the whole world of water is in honor toward him, was devoted silent prayer
 Emoto Katsuhakase is over more than 25 years, is striving to explore the water and wave, as “wave pioneer of”, and not only in Japan, was given a significant impact on the world.
 By his “Message from Water”, of Einstein “all substances is a phenomenon of energy and wave”, of Chinese traditional culture and has been proven to “To all things there is a spirit,” the co.
 That water has feelings, wisdom, a memory, by our thought and language, is the structure of the water of crystallization has been discovered that change.
Water and people, “Message from Water” his book that revealed the relationship between the universe all things become a bestseller in the world 70 Quai countries too, even in the lecture by the UN’s request, I gave the impression to many people .
 Crystal photo of great stunning water, attracts the people’s hearts, gives us the impression. I also him beautiful crystal of Qigong water was injected care has been impressed.
 I Emoto and teacher, and is connected by deep friendship, towards the people of the happiness and world peace, we have been committed together.
 Great achievements of Emoto teacher that has been built up over the years, it has become a beautiful crystal, will that continue forever shine in people’s mind.
 We are filled with gratitude.
 Sincerely pray for the souls of Masaru Emoto teacher!

 The message from your son like that has been posted on Facebook Let’s introduce.
 This morning 0:50 minutes、Father, Masaru Emoto was we peacefully passed away. Was 71 years old.
 It is Mitra to mother, it was quietly alive.
 Since collapsed in Shanghai, has received a message of a lot of prayers from everyone around the world.
 Where he was really happy when she’ll read aloud the message to the sickbed of his father.
 My father I think had been kept alive in everyone of love.
 It was pretty playful father for us, but is also loved by everyone around the world, I think it was a really happy life. My father has passed away, for my father to go to spread in the future power of “love and gratitude” that had been the life work, we will work hard family and IHM staff,. Please lend us your power of everybody whether.
 The last words of the father was a “thank you”.
 The gratitude and love to everyone around the world.
 Masaru Emoto children Everyone