Master Kaku Ryo who is the founder of Keitankou and the leader of

   dissemination  of  Chinese culture and world peace was born in Xian


     Chosen  as  a  professional  martial  arts athletes of national than I

   was a young small, leaving the excellent results.Although renowned

   as a  national  first-class  martial arts umpire, is then attacked  by a

serious illness , independence walking becomes impossible , was forced to desperate life.

However, I revived the excellent Chinese traditional culture ” Qigong” Gakuruwa teacher

as  phoenix .Taking this opportunity , than ever before was overlaid qigong Shuren , and

began  to play a more numerous Chinese and protagonist of kung fu movies and dramas

of Hong Kong as Qigong house.

   Guo teacher is to give enlightenment to large Michizane Gong , and thanks to its favor,

in  order  to  invite  people  to  the  happiness  of  the  road  ,   was   founded  finally the  

” ToshiMakotoGong ”  .  Since  coming  to  Japan in 1988 ,  China’s  government officials

 in  the  “Great therapy” of  ToshiMakotoGong , Japan’s former Prime  Minister , royalty ,

parliamentarians, the financial community of the tycoon, showbiz and sports ,celebrities

such as sumo  wrestlers  and  Hollywood  I  saved  the  people  of a number of incurable

diseases , including. Those of bedridden or wheelchair, seriously ill patients over several

decades , also numerous miraculous if case that it is possible to walk whopping In a few

minutes. By the force of exactly supernaturally,I brought the newborn to the intractable

disease patients are said to be “incurable disease” currently in medicine.

  It  is  the  reason  why  that is praise from many of the people  as  the ” Hand of God “,

” Qigong therapy guru “.From former Prime Minister Kaifu Toshiki is called the” Shinki “,

Sun Yat-sen’s grandson , the  Magoho Kaoru woman officer has been praised as” Maki “.

Hollywood  movie  star, with  Mr Steven  Seagal  to become  a  relationship such as” is a

teacher friend of mind ” , from  Wang Yi said the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs and

was referred to as “Bunburyodo gurus”.

  Lecture of ” air force” in the House of Representatives, and was made ​​a demonstration

of instant therapy of miracle is the first person in Japan.

  Such  a  track  record  becomes a place  where the world will recognize,at the Imperial

Hotel November 20, 2000 ,  and  is the first Chinese in Japan,  which  was  awarded  the

Japan” Social and Cultural Achievement Award ” from the Heisei Emperor cousin Rokujo

YuYasushi Prince. Sri Lanka  Pelpola Vipassi pope in 2004 , visited with the monk, I was

awarded  theWorld  Religions Vatican-world  religion Federation as ” the  highest  honor

Medal ” the title of ” honorary chairman “, Articles for Guo Liang teacher were serialized

17  times  in the  Kokkai  Timesin which  his achievements are praised as ” a person of

Chinese mysterious culture.

  Beginning a martial arts coach , such as karate , aikido , kendo , kung fu , from many

others of  people , is praised as ”  Guo  teacher  of  Tai  Chi  is  the  most beautiful in the

world ” , was  shed  the excitement of tears . Some of the students of each country that

Guo teacher was brought up is , there  is also a player who won the Tai Chi champion in

the Asian Olympic

  Games and National Games . It has been praised as a ” world of Tai Chi coach ” .  NHK,

TBS ,Fuji TV, TV Tokyo , Japan Broadcasting, Asahi Shimbun, Mainichi Shimbun , Sankei

Shimbun , evening  Fuji  Shukanhoseki , women  themselves ,  such as in FRIDAY · Easy

China, Taiwan Zhongtian- People’s Daily overseas edition-China Science and Technology

Daily many I was introduced . In addition ,  Waseda University , Toyo University , Osaka

University and gave a lecture in various parts of Japan such as BunkaGakuen University.

An honorary adviser of adviser and numerous martial  arts  organizations  of  Shanghai

University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai Qigong Institute have been invited.

 Nippon  Sport  Science  University , Kyushu  Institute  of Life Sciences, NHK television,

byQigong scientific experiments and measurement of brain waves that were carried out

in  TBS television  or the like , superhuman  special  abilities  of  Guo  teacher  has been


China National Wushu primary umpire
All over the world Medical Association Board of Directors
World Medical Qigong Society director
International health Takemi Longevity Research Society director
International Qigong Science Association Executive Director
China National Wushu competitions won
Japan “Social and Cultural Achievement Award” award
Japan international conference “Genius Award”
US International Academy “highest honor Award”
US International Education Institute “World Peace Special Award”
International Qigong Science Association “Excellence qigong master Award”
International health Takemi longevity tournament “Special Contribution Award”

郭良先生の賞と勲章 著名人と共に
郭良先生の横顔 武術家 映画スター 気功師

郭良先生の横顔 武術家 映画スター 気功師

① Hollywood movie star Steven Seagal Mr. praised … “led a big star in the health and happiness of the world! The rice gratitude, was a gift a Thailand trip”


② Doctor of Medicine with late-stage heart failure・・・”Heart transplant was no longer necessary!Keitankou is the treasure of humanity!!”


③ It is said that there is no cure for an intractable disease, Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS) even with the cutting-edge medical care in the world・・・”It completely healed!There are no words to express this emotion and happiness!!!”